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Our Commitment to Our Customers

"We will do whatever it takes to earn the right to your business! In the process we will be fair with the indigenous growers, with you our customer and with your customers. The outcome of our business will be a thriving Rainforest, thousands of happier small family coffee growers, and affordable-fair priced superb coffee that you can enjoy!"

Diane E. Hughes, Founder
The Earth Friendly Coffee Company

"I got your coffee shipment the other day. Thanks so much! Just wanted to let you know that the coffee tastes GREAT. I enjoyed a cup this morning. What I love about Earth Friendly is that it never tastes too strong; it just tastes rich and dark. You don't get that bitter, too strong 'bite' that you get with a lot of specialty coffees."
— Kate S., Cleveland, OH
"It's the best fundraiser we've ever done! I wish that I had known about this fundraiser when I was in college myself, I would have used it for my team. We plan to use Earth Friendly as a fund raising activity two times annually!"
— Matt L., Coaching, Regis High School Rugby, Denver, CO
"Regarding using Earth Friendly Coffee as a fundraiser: It went FAN-TAS-TIC! Rick C. sold 40 pounds alone. He keeps calling me and asking for more coffee."
— Matt H., Colorado School of Mines Rugby
"I had to stop drinking coffee because it was causing me too much indigestion pain, but my son-in-law gave me a cup of Earth Friendly Coffee and I've started drinking coffee again...their coffee is the best!!!"
— Wanda M., Loveland, CO
"We love your Decaf; it's the best that we've ever had; and we believe in what you're doing."
— Dee K., Homer Rotary, Homer, Alaska
"Your coffee is to die for! I can drink it all day long and I never get the jitters or that acidy taste that so often happens on your second or third cup!"
— Lynda F., Denver, CO
"People are loving the coffee. We put out the hot brewed samples and the coffee sells itself. And, we've got two stores in town selling the coffee for us. We're using the proceeds to fund the kids trip to World Youth Day."
— Becky R., St Joseph's Youth Group, Sandpoint, ID

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