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Earth Friendly Coffee is a social justice initiative doing business as a fair coffee company. Our dream from Day One has encompassed far more than an American 'for profit' doing the 'right thing' in dealing with their Third World suppliers.

Earth Friendly views "justice" as allowing and empowering indigenous coffee farmers to offer the world a value added, roasted, finished product, rather than a traded raw commodity.

Earth Friendly's mission is to garner the equipment, supervision and training that these Mayan descendants must have if they are to offer the world a finished value added roasted coffee product.

Once these gentle people learn to roast, package and ship their coffee to Earth Friendly's customers across America, then they will no longer have to sell their extraordinary crop as a raw commodity.

When they can convert their raw coffee into a finished product, they can earn between 30-50% more of the specialty coffee dollar. Why is this important?

  • There's another side to the illegal immigration issue. Most of the Central Americans who come to the U.S. do not want to leave their families, their farms, their community, their culture, their Rainforest to come here. They come here out of desperation. When they are forced to sell what they produce as a raw commodity, they cannot earn enough to stay with their wives, their children, their community.
  • If instead, we allowed them to take their coffee from seed to cup, we'd be empowering them to stay with their families, in their tribal culture, on their tiny farms, stewarding the Rainforest to the benefit of mankind.

Earth Friendly is a 'social business' as defined by Mohammad Yunus' (Nobel Peace prize winner for Micro lending) in the bestseller “Creating a World without Poverty.” This means that Earth Friendly has to be profitable in order to remain in business.

However, our corporate commitment is to create in the Third World, the capacity to support itself rather than rely on the vagaries of multinational corporations or international bankers.

Only when First World peoples refuse to take advantage of lesser developed peoples will peace and prosperity truly become a global concept.

Because we are blazing a fairly untraveled path for American business, we've faced some real challenges. But, that's part of creating the change we envision.

We chose coffee as our vehicle because 78% of all American homes contain at least one coffee drinker. That meant we had a huge potential audience/customer base.

Next, we happen to love coffee. We wanted to offer a coffee that was so smooth that cream, sugar or any other flavoring could be added — but that's definitely not necessary — in order to achieve an extraordinary coffee experience. We found it! You can drink Earth Friendly coffee from 6 AM to 9 PM and never get an acid stomach!

Thirdly, we refused to rely on our status in order to attract customers. We believe that it is only truly a good trade if the grower is paid fairly and the American customer receives an exceptional brew. There are huge quality differences in fair trade coffee.

In addition, we've chosen to source our coffee only from indigenous farmers who cultivate their superb harvest under the canopy of the Rainforest. It's a lot less efficient for the farmer to cultivate coffee trees that grow in the shade, amongst many other types of trees and vegetation; and you'll taste the difference. Oh yes, you'll definitely taste the difference.

Coffee that is grown in the Rainforest matures more slowly. The slower the bean matures, the more mellow the bean.

The farmers, with whom we work, consider the Rainforest their lifetime business partner not a mere profit center to be exploited and then abandoned. Conversely, most coffees today are grown 'full sun,' often in open fields which were created by slash/burn of the Rainforest.

There's a couple other things we'd like you to know about Earth Friendly Coffee. We are a Single Origin coffee. This means that a bad bean has nowhere to hide. Have you ever heard of a single malt scotch? There are very few of them. That's because most scotches have to be blended in order to hide the defects that they contain.

A single malt scotch has to be inherently excellent in order to get consumers to like it without blending. The same is true for coffee. Think of all the coffee 'blends' you've been drinking throughout your life.

You probably also should know that our coffee is SHB Arabica. Strictly Hard Bean. Coffee grows at many different altitudes. The higher the altitude, the slower the bean matures. The slower the bean matures, the more mellow it becomes. Strictly Hard Bean comes from the highest altitude. You'll taste the difference.

And finally, even in a single origin coffee, there are defects. Coffee gets sorted according to differing quality expectations. There's commercial preparation, American prep and European Preparation. Earth Friendly is sorted to European Preparation Quality.

If you've ever been to Europe and ordered a coffee drink at a fine café, you already know how much better it tastes than coffees here in the U.S. It costs more to do this but you will savor the difference.

Earth Friendly Coffee is an international delivery on a promise of extraordinary quality made by the people that you've chosen to treat fairly. We hope that you'll want to be a part of this movement. Thank you.

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